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Bama Herbal Life Limited

about usBig benefit from a easy way---Foot baths!
You may have heard that the skin is the largest organ we have. This is never more apparent than after a long day on our feet. The skin on our feet is subjected to stress, tight shoes, blisters, sweat, itchy conditions and more. Why not concentrate some herbal love on our hardest working body parts, and create a soothing foot bath to relieve a multitude of symptoms?
More importantly, foot baths can be a wonderful part of our overall health. Deeply relaxing and restful, foot baths are an easy way to enjoy herbal remedies that can improve your overall health and at the very least, improve your mood.
For the biggest benefit, set aside enough time to thoroughly pamper your feet. Enjoy a foot bath, apply a soothing moisturizer, slide on some thick, warm socks and put your feet up for at least 20 minutes. This is a simple way to give yourself some time to recharge, and it all starts with an herbal foot bath.

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